Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Meet the new la4j contributors

The la4j now almost ready for 0.4.5 release. All our current activities are dealing with testing. We want to make new version as stable as possible. For this we have already added 150 new tests and planning to add 50-100 more. Thus the new release will contain ~500-550 tests in total, which is the great progress according to the previous release.

Traditionally, I would like to thank two guys: Yuriy Drozd (Kiev, Ukraine) and Maxim Samoylov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) for being such an active and valuable contributors of la4j. These guys did a wonderful job to bring the la4j to current state. Yuriy has fixed a critical issue in 'swap' operation for sparse vectors and added a new decomposition support to la4j.

Maxim joined the project two months ago and started working on stability of existing code. Hi has fixed a very important issue in Eigen dcompositor; added new interator (iterating through non-zero values, iterating through the values in row/column) methods to matrix class. Maxim has also spent tons of time evaluating double-rounding issues in la4j (in "rank" and "determinant" methods). So, Maxim now is the most active contributor, for sure. He made 56 commits (+2000 LOC) to repository and got the second place (right after me) in contributors list (see picture bellow).

Thank you again, guys! I really appreciate your help!

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