Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Parallel Linear Algebra Library

When I started the la4j project, I didn't think that it will be one of the most popular packages for Linear Algebra in Java. So, in two years the library changed a lot. And it continue changes from day to day. I'm so glad seeing people fixing bugs/proposing pull-request/sending feedbacks. Which means, that I need to make this library more and more awesome. And I have a plan to bring the la4j into the parallel world.

This plan conststs of two major steps. First, I need to design a high-level idea of incapsulating the engine of the library, whcih knows how to deals with matrices and vectros in a more efficient way. The engine should use all the advantages of concreet matrix type and don't use its disadvantages. The simpliest example - do not iterate through zero elements in CRS/CCS matrices while computing something that doesn't require handling zero values. I hope, it can be done in realease 0.5.0 at this winter. And I believe that this version will show just incredible performance accoring to the 0.4.5, because all these optimizations with sparse matrices. But it is still wll be a single-threaded version of la4j's engine. Second, I'm planing to develop an additional implementation of engine, that will handles all tasks in parallel - a parallel engine. And I'm really exited about new features of Java's Fork-Join Framework. It just a perfect base/tool for solving this kind of tasks. So, A parallel engine will be avaliable at version 0.6.0 at next summer.

The F-J Framework is an awesome and well-tuned cuncurrent framework for Java. And it allows to the developer use data-parallelism in his code. This is just perfect for matrix operations.

PS: I'm planning to keep the la4j's API unchanged. This is my goal.

If someone wants to participate in discussion the engine's design, go there.

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