Saturday, January 25, 2014

New release: v0.4.9!

The new version of la4j (Linear Algebra for Java) is available: 0.4.9! This awesome release is made through the effort of active contributors: Michael, Phil, Anveshi, Clement, Miron and Todd. Together, we pushed 95 new commits and made a significant progress with big sparse matrices. Here is the full list of changes:
  • Bug fix in align() method for big sparse matrices (reported by Michael Kapper)
  • Bug fix in growup() method for big sparse matrices (contributed by Phil Messenger)
  • Bug fix in MatrixMarketStream
  • New matrix method select() (contributed by Anveshi Charuvaka)
  • New vector method select()
  • Bug fix in growup() method for the case with positive overflow (contributed by Clement Skau)
  • New matrix predicate Matrices.SQUARE_MATRIX (contributed by Miron Aseev)
  • New matrix predicate Matrices.INVERTIBLE_MATRIX (contributed by Miron Aseev)
  • New vector method norm(NormFunction) that implements p-norm support (contributed by Miron Aseev)
  • New matrix predicate PositiveDefiniteMatrix (contributed by Miron Aseev)
  • Bug fix in eacheachInRoweachInColumn methods of sparse matrices (reported by Leonid Ilyevsky)
  • New matrix methods: foldColumns and foldRows (contributed by Todd Brunhoff)
  • New matrix methods: assignRow and assignColumn
  • New matrix methods: updateRow and updateColumn
  • New matrix methods: transformRow and transformColumn

    Don't forget to update your Maven artefacts and feel free to touch me with feedbacks/questions at @vkostyukov!

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